chapter  6
Marital Satisfaction and Conventionalization Examined Dyadically
WithBlaine J. Fowers, Brooks Applegate
Pages 24

Marital satisfaction and similar constructs have been vital areas of interest within contemporary society and for both clinical and scientific psychology. It is a fundamental issue for marital satisfaction research since the construct validity of marital satisfaction measures remains questionable until it can be demonstrated that responses to marital quality scales are veridical and not overly subject to the social desirability response bias. The Marital Satisfaction (MS) scale from ENRICH was used as the primary measure of marital satisfaction in this study. The cluster analytic results in this study support the view that marital satisfaction and conventionalization are best understood in dyadic terms. The results of the cluster analyses and the external validity examination suggest that responses to the MS and ID scales are best viewed as a dyadic pattern. The hypothesis that satisfaction and conventionalization are primarily dyadic level variables received additional support in the contingency table analysis.