chapter  9
27 Pages

Ecosocialization and Environmental Justice

WithNicholas Low, Brendan Gleeson

This chapter considers whether a new form of socialization can be constituted around the principle of ecologically sustainable development, and what part environmental justice may play in its ethical framework. The concept of socialization, the role that ethics play within it, and how the recent discourses of 'sustainable development' and 'environmental justice' define a new turn in the struggle for socialization, with an outcome as yet unrealized which we might call 'ecosocialization'. The chapter scans the landscape of environmental justice and political change and in the process tried to demonstrate a connection between ethics and politics. It examines the ethic of environmental justice in the light of ecosocialization. The chapter argues that the discourse of ecologically sustainable development represents the emergence of a new turn in the socialization of capital. It considers how the process of socialization might proceed to develop institutions capable of rectifying the environmental injustice at the core of the economy.