chapter  7
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Third World Voting Patterns at the United Nations

WithKenneth L. Adelman, Marc F. Plattner

In large part, the Third World is more genuinely a creation of the United Nations than of foreign aid. Without the United Nations, there would in fact be no Third World—at least no Non-Aligned Movement or Group of 77. Just as the United Nations in many ways creates the Third World, so does the Third World dominate the United Nations. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship; neither may live without feeding off the other. The United Nations General Assembly (along with its many subsidiary organs) is a body whose agenda mirrors Third World priorities, preoccupations, even obsessions. In all United Nations economic negotiations, the G-77 functions as a true party caucus. A group position acceptable to all members is laboriously hammered out and then presented by a group spokesman. Although it often is subject to intense internal struggles, the G-77 rarely drops its public facade of unity.