chapter  8
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Migration, Religion, and Economic Development in the Building Sector of Sanaa and Cairo

WithGünter Meyer

This chapter shows that the different socioeconomic positions that the religious groups occupy result from a combination of different areas of original settlement, cultural tradition, and particularly the chance to take part in international labor migration. It examines the interdependence of labor emigration, internal migration, and economic development in the urban building sector by comparing the development in the old and newer quarters of Sanaa and Cairo. In both capitals, the age structure of the firms operating in the building sector in the old quarters and in the newer parts is rather similar. The composition of the gainfully employed people in the building sector of Sanaa and of Cairo differs enormously as far as the type of origin of the work force is concerned. In Sanaa, the average size of the work force per building establishment is even smaller, with only 3.0 employees in the peripheral parts and 2.7 people in the central areas.