chapter  14
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Spatially Differentiated Air Pollutant Emission Charges: An Economic and Legal Analysis T. H. TEITENBERG

The basic strategy to be employed in this country for controlling air pollution has been articulated in the Clean Air Act.*1 Under this act the national govern­ ment has established national ambient air quality standards for a variety of pollutants2 and, with certain exceptions where the federal government exercises direct control over emissions,3 the choice of policy instruments used to meet these standards is left up to the states.4 Al­ though emission taxes or charges are not mentioned in the Clean Air Act, they are specifically mentioned as an appro­ priate policy instrument in the regula­ tions promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency to implement the act.5 Thus, in contrast to water pollution con­ trol policy which specifically relies on effluent standards, emission charges are compatible with the existing legislation in air pollution control.6