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The United States: Legitimate Authority for War against Iraq?*

WithGerhard Beestermöller

The American president's demands boil down to comprehensive disarmament as well as the basic internal and external democratization of Iraq under the auspices of the UN, preferably, but of the US, if need be. In his speech before the General Assembly, the American president sounded convinced that the United States has legitimate authority to go to war against Saddam Hussein if the United Nations grants it that mandate. The American president with his speech to the UN General Assembly is, so to speak, putting the Security Council on trial before world public opinion. An essential element in gaining the support lies in a mandate by the Security Council. With such a mandate a war against Iraq would not just be formally legalized. The Security Council wishes to act Bush seems convinced that the US from the American president's point of view has legitimate authority for war against Saddam Hussein.