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Iraq: How Severe is the Threat?

WithHenner Fürtig

Saddam Hussein and the Baath regime he is leading in Iraq have definitely posed a tremendous threat after assuming power in 1979. Without doubt, Saddam Hussein has a record of organizing and supporting terrorism. Who will count the numerous victims of his brutal terror against alleged or real opponents within Iraq. Saddam Hussein refused to cooperate with UN Special Commission (UNSCOM). UNSCOM's task became extremely difficult since the regime in Baghdad prevented the inspectors from entering certain sites and blatantly lied about even the very existence of specific weapons of mass destruction programs. While the United States and Britain sought UN approval for military operations whenever Iraq seriously interrupted UNSCOM's military activities, Russia, France, and China always objected. In the face of a looming war against Iraq, it is of extreme importance to be right in assessing the threat constituted by present-day Iraq and its leadership.