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Sanctions, Inspections and Containment Viable Policy Options in Iraq*

WithDavid Cortright, Alistair Millar, George A. Lopez

The US threats are motivated by a desire to overthrow the government of Iraq. This chapter presents policy options available to the United States for addressing security concerns in Iraq. It examines the issues associated with the threat of weapons development in the region and offers a series of policy options for reducing and containing that threat without resort to military force. The chapter provides an assessment of Iraq's capacity for developing weapons of mass destruction. The policy options outlined include: reforming UN sanctions to tighten controls on oil revenues and military-related goods while further easing restrictions on civilian economic activity, and facilitating the return of UN weapons inspectors to complete the UN disarmament mandate and reestablish an Ongoing Monitoring and Verification system. It also include: creating an "enhanced containment" system of externally based border monitoring and control if Iraq refuses to allow the resumption of weapons inspections.