chapter  11
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Representation of a Colonial Reality: World War I in La Victoire en chantant and Amkoullel, l’Enfant peul

WithEdgard Sankara

This chapter examines the representation of the historical reality of World War I by two creative media: film and literature. World War I was fought not only by Europeans but also by Africans who, under French colonial rule, took part in this historical event. La Victoire en chantant is a parody of World War I as experienced by both the French and the colonized Africans in the colonies. La Victoire en chantant was released in 1976, that is, sixteen years after the end of colonization, and Amkoullel, Venfant peul was published in 1991, thirty one years after the end of the same era. Post-colonialism allows a certain freedom to the director, freedom that could have been denied to him during the colonial era. Arnaud's film can be viewed as a post-colonial one, and post-colonial means "after the colonial era" and implies a rereading of the era.