chapter  17
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State and Civil Society in Local and Global Contexts: Colonial Contact and Bourgeois Reforms among the Yoruba of Nigeria

WithSaheed A. Adejumobi

This chapter seeks to clarify what is referred to as "globalization" or the "global economy" and its radical effect not only upon the fundamental redesign of the planet's political and economic arrangements, but also upon the production of historical scholarship. It argues that the themes yet to receive critical treatment in African historiographies are: the reconstruction of precolonial equivalents of principles of commonwealth, citizenship, and social welfare; and the racialization of these concepts through the expansion of European market forces and liberal ideas. These also include the expansion of capitalism and its corollary class contradictions that were consolidated in the evolution of the modern state; and the unfulfilled aspirations of indigenous communities who, either willingly or through force, subscribed to metropolitan cultural and economic principles. The chapter highlights the global and local contradictions that emerged as a result of British religious and colonial enterprise in Yorubaland.