chapter  3
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Called to Hear the Word of God: Musa Kongola’s Autobiography 1

WithGregory H. Maddox

Musa Kongola lived roughly through the entire colonial era and well into the post-independence period of Tanzanian history. He was one of the earliest converts to Christianity in the region and one of the first local teachers for the Church Missionary Society in the region. Musa Kongola's life story is unique in that it is the written and self-conscious reflections of a person on his life. Rather than literate entho-history, it more closely resembles the life histories collected by professional scholars. His descendants are among the most prominent local individuals in Dodoma and members of the national elite of modern Tanzania. His life history functions as a critical and almost unique source for examining the social history of Ugogo and Tanzania over the twentieth century. Musa's life and writings embody the process of debate over the material realm and the spiritual realm described by Partha Chatterjee.