chapter  3
Spiritual Capital and the Turn to Spirituality
ByMichael O’Sullivan
Pages 17

This chapter begins by elaborating on what the author mean by spiritual capital. It explores what the author considers to be the methodological foundation of spiritual capital for persons and societies, namely, authentic subjectivity in knowing and choosing. The chapter focuses on Liberation spirituality as an authentic expression of the self-appropriated, self-transcending and socially transformative, spiritual subjectivity, paying attention in the process to certain developments at Vatican II. It constitutes the case for spirituality being a new academic discipline that has been developing as such for more than 30 years. The chapter illustrates how this discipline is expanding into other areas of study and life, thus making it an increasingly significant form of spiritual capital in our time. It also focuses on Christian spiritual resources that, because of their vigorous continuation and adaptations, can transform persons and societies in ways consistent with genuine human and cosmic wellbeing.