chapter  6
Against the stream
How a small company builds affordable housing – Sweden
ByStig Westerdahl
Pages 18

This chapter discusses problems with affordable housing in Sweden, while the Trianon case in Malmo illustrates how opportunities emerge for other actors when historically strong institutions fail to meet the demands of disadvantaged groups. The Million Homes programme in the 1960s and 1970s was pivotal for Malmo's revitalization. The city was able to attract workers from Sweden, Finland and Southern Europe by expanding its shipyard, textile and various manufacturing industries. The chapter explores Trianon's developments as well as the advantages and risks of replacing municipal companies and co-op housing societies with private, for-profit initiatives to address housing needs. It also discusses a brief history of the Swedish housing system and overviews of where the housing project has been built and the role of Trianon in this endeavour. Trianon and the municipality discussed various socially minded projects in Lindangen and how renovations and new construction could be financed.