chapter  1
Relational Sense and Textual Sense in aU.S. Urban Classroom: The Contested Case of Emily, Girl Friend of a Ninja
Pages 18

Emily is a Euro-American girl, a preteen, blonde, and quite pretty. Emily does not say much, and she is almost always polite, but she does have some spunk. She has a crush on Rocky, her good-looking, brownhaired neighbor boy, and vice versa; sometimes, however, she is quite disgusted with his tendency to be a macho “show off.” Mainly Emily and Rocky smile at each other and inquire about each other’s wellbeing. Whenever Rocky so much as glances at Emily, his brothers Colt and TumTum enjoy chanting “Rock-y loves, Em-i-ly,” to Rocky’s dismay. Rocky’s grandfather is teaching him and his brothers the ancient martial arts of the ninjas (which will come in handy against Grandfather s former student and nemesis, the evil Snyder).