chapter  14
Multiple Perspectives on the Career of Professor Barbara K.Keogh
WithBarbara K.Keogh Margaret S.Faust, Carol Keogh Lindsay, Carol E.Smith, and Annette Tessier
Pages 16

The lives of the contributors to this chapter merged with Barbara Keogh’s at different points and in very different circumstances. Throughout the years each has become a colleague and a lifelong friend. It seems appropriate to celebrate Barbara’s distinguished career while recognizing also that she is a very familyoriented wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. A straight chronology of her life and times might begin to sound depressingly like an obituary, so an attempt has been made in this portrayal to interweave many facets of her life that we admire and continue to enjoy. Perhaps these reminiscences and selected events provide some clues to the development of a very special woman whose career has inspired this impressive volume.