chapter  5
Children, Advertising, and the Internet: An Exploratory Study
WithLucy L. Henke
Pages 8

Many studies have examined the potential for new communications media to displace established media (Henke & Donohue, 1986; Henke, Donohue, Cook, & Chung, 1984; Krugman & Rust, 1987; Lasswell, 1949; Rubin, 1983). By delivering services and content more efficiently or effectively, new media may threaten to capture the audiences and advertisers of existing media, thereby causing existing media to redefine themselves to survive. The emergence of radio-and then television-as mass media, and the introduction of cable television, videotext, teletext, the VCR, and digital cable radio have each caused researchers to speculate about whether new technologies would displace existing media or have a synergistic effect. Because new media have the potential to disrupt existing audience structures, advertisers must constantly assess the ability of various media to deliver appropriate target markets and attempt to integrate new technologies into marketing communications campaigns.