chapter  10
CyberHate: Extending Persuasive Techniques of Low Credibility Sources to the World Wide Web
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The Internet, and more specifically the World Wide Web, makes communication virtually unlimited for those who currently have access to and use a computer system connected to a phone line. Regardless of the criticisms, including the sometimes “slow” pace of the Web (the Web has not yet achieved the same status as a fast-food restaurant), it has the potential to change our lives in tremendous ways, adding to our entertainment and information resources. For all the people “quaking in their boots” over technological changes, it is important to point out that the proliferation of this source will not, in fact, pollute the air or the water. It will also likely reduce the use of paper in terms of magazines, faxes, memos, and so on. The groups that should be afraid of this new media are the competing companies that furnish entertainment and information on hard copy.