chapter  18
Conversations With Practitioners
WithEdited by David W.Schumann
Pages 14

Five speakers representing four companies were invited to offer their insights at the Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference held in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, during the summer of 1996. Each had direct responsibility for the development of commercial web pages. Michael Samet, President of Edmund’s Publication Corporation, offered an overview of his popular web page addition. Carole Walters and Teresa Denova, representing Cincinnati’s Northlich, Stolley, LaWarre Advertising Agency, provided an interesting perspective on targeting and direct web page research with children. Bruce Gorlich from DMB&B Corporate Media offered four criteria by which to consider commercial advertising on the Internet. Finally, David King, President of DDB Needham Interactive Communications, shared both historical and present day perspectives on interactivity, positioning the Internet as an evolving, exciting, yet unknown future medium.