chapter  19
Thoughts Regarding the Present and Future of Web Advertising
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Advertising and the World Wide Web has attempted to present and discuss a number of issues focusing on promoting on the Web: interactivity, consumer factors, advertising strategy on the Internet, public policy, and special interest groups. All are addressed in the present. Yet, consider the following scenario:

Dan’s son Michael, 7-years-old, had been after him for weeks to buy a basketball standard and backboard for their driveway. Michael told his Dad how much fum he had playing basketball at his friend’s house and “Couldn’t we get one?” “Please, Dad.” Liking to think of himself as athletic, having played a little “b-ball” himself as a kid, Dan knew it was time. That night after Michael went to sleep, Dan sat down in his living room and turned to the 42-inch screen embedded in the wall.