chapter  3
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Long-Term Effectiveness of the Early Mass Media Led Antismoking Campaigns in Australia

WithJohn P. Pierce, Petra Macaskill, David Hill

Smoking prevalence in Australia did not decline much from 1974 to 1983 according to age-standardized comparisons (Hill, White, & Gray, 1980; Pierce, Aldrich, Hanratty, Dwyer, & Hill, 1987), in contrast to the pattern seen in other Western developed countries (Pierce, 1989). For this reason, a number of individual states in Australia introduced a coordinated campaign approach to promoting change in health behavior, as pioneered in cardiovascular disease by the Stanford Three Community Project (Farquhar et al., 1977) and the North Karelia Project (Salonen, Puska, Kottke, & Tuomilehto, 1981).