chapter  7
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The Impact of Antismoking Media Campaigns on Progression to Established Smoking: Results of a Longitudinal Youth Study in Massachusetts

WithMichael Siegel, Lois Biener

Preventing smoking is a public health priority (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1994). Public health practitioners have begun to use counteradvertising to prevent smoking initiation (Alcalay, 1993; Blum, 1994; Burns, 1994; Dorfman & Wallack, 1993; Erickson, McKenna, & Romano, 1990; Goldman & Glantz, 1998; McKenna & Williams, 1993; Pechmann, 1997; Siegel, 1998; Wallack, 1981). Antitobacco media campaigns are being conducted in at least seven states, and with the recent settlement of state tobacco lawsuits, money may soon be available for campaigns in other states (Pechmann, 1997; Siegel, 1998).