chapter  13
Organizational Learning and New Product Development: CORE Processes
WithFernando Olivera, Linda Argote
Pages 30

This chapter presents a definition of product development that highlights the critical role of linking the various constituents and processes that constitute a development project. It aims to develop aspects of new product development in the context of the CORE model of group processes. The chapter describes the CORE model of group processes. It analyzes the case of the development of a personal computer. Developing a new product requires the involvement of individuals with different types of expertise and typically from multiple functional areas in the organization. The chapter utilizes the more selective membership definition when referring to the development team, consistent with the way the members defined themselves. It explains the functional elements of the XC team's structure played a critical role in the communication between the core and subsystem teams. The reconstruction processes include aspects of what has been referred to as organizational learning or knowledge-embedding processes.