chapter  7
Some Like It Hot: The Case for the Emotional Negotiator
WithLeigh L. Thompson, Janice Nadler, Peter H. Kim
Pages 24

This chapter explores challenge the view that emotion is a nuisance or hindrance in negotiation and argues that the effective negotiator is an emotional negotiator. It examines two different roles of affect in negotiation: emotion as experienced by negotiators and emotion as expressed by negotiators. The chapter discusses some of the specific ways in which exogenous emotion impact negotiation outcomes and negotiator attitudes. Despite the prominent role that experienced emotion plays in negotiation, cognitive models have been used almost exclusively for descriptive and prescriptive analyses of negotiation behavior. The chapter explains the management of emotion in negotiation is considered from two different points of view. It also examines how negotiators can use emotional expression and understanding to their advantage during the course of a negotiation. When emotion is undesirable, negotiators can take advantage of existing roles and standardized procedures to substitute for interpersonal relations and thereby inhibit the development and expression of emotions.