chapter  2
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Learning From Stories: An Architecture for Socratic Case Based Teaching

WithBased Teaching Daniel C.Edelson

The case based teaching architecture1 is a novel architecture for computerbased learning environments that is designed to enhance learning through the presentation of cases (Burke, 1993; Edelson, 1993; Schank, 1991). Building on theories from cognitive science and observations of effective teachers, the case based teaching architecture takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) programming techniques and multi-media technologies. This chapter explores the case based teaching architecture through a discussion of Creanimate, an early implementation of the case based teaching architecture. It is an interactive learning environment that draws on a library of video clips to teach elementary school-age students about animal adaptation. Creanimate is an example of a specific form of the case based teaching architecture called the Socratic case based teaching architecture. This architecture uses thought-provoking questions to engage students in active learning. The primary research goal of the Creanimate program has been to develop technologies for the implementation of the case based teaching architecture and demonstrate the ability of the architecture to engage learners. This research is designed to pave the way for future

research on the validity of the theories of learning and understanding that underlie the architecture and its educational effectiveness.