chapter  3
Gender and Race Discrimination: The Interactive Nature of Disadvantage
WithJim Sidanius, Rosemary C. Veniegas
Pages 24

Whi le many parts of the world made g reat strides in reducing racia l , ethn ic , and gender d iscrimination during the 1 960s and 1 970s, a casua l g lance across the g lobe qu ickly reveals that the scourges of ethnic and gender into lerance are far from having been el iminated . Despite intense and almost desperate efforts to el imi­ nate ethnic intolerance and discrimination , they appear to be every bit as bad at the close of the 20th century as at the beg inn ing of the century . The questions ad­ dressed by this chapter are : Why are ethn ic , racia l , and gender discrimination so d ifficult to e l im inate , and what can we do to hasten their demise?