chapter  8
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Psychiatric and Behavioral Problems: Psychosocial Approaches: Michael Bird

Though Alzheimer’s classic case was referred for challenging behavior (Alzheimer, 1907), many reviews have noted that, more than 90 years later, treatment remains limited and somewhat primitive. That is, predominantly attempting to reduce behavior pharmacologically, most commonly with antipsychotics, a practice whose dangers and limited efficacy have been well documented (Aisen, Deluca, & Lawler, 1992; Elmståhl, Stenberg, Annerstedt, & Ingvad, 1998; Nygaard et al., 1994; Schneider, Pollock, & Lyness, 1990). Unfortunately, those advocating more focus on psychosocial techniques tend to be very vague about what those techniques might be and silent on evidence for their relative efficacy.