chapter  3
Getting Started and Achieving Buy-In: Co-op Education Is Continuous, Contextualized Learning
ByGarnet Grosjean
Pages 21

INTRODUCTION Learning is something we do every day. It is not restricted to the classroom or training center, although these are the traditional sites of research on learning and we have come to know quite a lot about learning in these environments. In these formal settings, we have devised ways to test the amount of learning that takes place, and we have developed a range of strategies to help people learn better. Researchers have started thinking more broadly about what affects the way people learn. We began to look beyond the content of learning to the surroundings in which it occurred. Learning context began to take on a new meaning and importance once we realized that we do not learn in isolation. Our surroundings provide a variety of cues that contribute not only to what we learn, but also to how we learn.