chapter  15
Writing for Publication: Preparation of the Research Report
ByPatricia M. Rowe
Pages 12

Imagine a chef who dreams up a new recipe, tries out various ingredients, perfects the proportions of herbs and spices, but refuses to serve the final dish to friends, guests, or customers. With such a chef we might never have tasted the delights of Oysters Rockefeller, or Coq au Vin, or perhaps even apple pie. Suppose an architect designed a new house, had it built, but never permitted anyone to see the plans or view even the exterior of the house. Would we remember Frank Lloyd Wright today if none of his houses were ever photographed, visited, or the plans shared with the world? Or think of the tales of artists who have destroyed their own works or writers who have burned their manuscripts. How many of those works were truly trash, and how many would have been viewed as masterpieces? Yet research that is not reported to others is like such recipes or house designs or works of art and literature: It benefits only the researcher, and might just as well never have been done as far as the rest of the world is concerned.