chapter  14
Moral Functioning: Moral Understanding and Personality
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At least in three respects I can say that I have been fortunate in my career: I

came to psychology with an interest in a field, moral development and func-

tioning, that is of crucial importance beyond the confines of academic psy-

chology; over 20 years ago I raised for myself the question of the relations

between morality and personality, at a time when the field of moral psychol-

ogy needed to expand its concern in this direction; finally, I found a congenial

group of colleagues and friends that share my interest and have been willing,

with great tolerance on their part, to engage in serious discussion and debate

on these issues. I cannot detail here how much I learned from them over the

years. Many generously contributed to the present volume by reporting im-

portant new data, extending our thinking, and also by questioning my views

and assumptions-unfailingly in a spirit of dispassionate concern for the

truth. I am grateful to all of them, particularly the editors of this volume, for

the challenge and for the opportunity to rethink my ideas and to clarify some