chapter  3
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Educational Warriors for Social Justice

WithJaime Romo, Michael Roseman

This chapter examines the life experiences of 17 educators who identified as transformational teachers in order to better understand the relationship between the lives of teachers and social justice. It suggests that teachers who worked to promote social justice, termed educational warriors, manifested identifiable knowledge base, dispositions, and skills. The context of teacher education/certification or reform appears to be void of a clear social justice discussion. Traditional research related to teacher preparation or professional development has not adequately addressed teachers as agents of social justice. As dialogue represents the prerequisite for social justice work, the environment must support diversity at least at a cursory/additive level. Once the students became the change agents, the equity dialogue moved toward social justice. Clearly, social justice in and through education is possible. For social justice to be widely seen, increasing numbers of educators need to develop individual educational warrior knowledge base, dispositions, and skills.