chapter  12
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Constructivist Mathematics Instruction and Current Trends in Research on Teaching

WithVirginia Richardson

The chapters in this book represent an approach to research on teaching that has become more prevalent in recent times. This form of research is conducted within an well-articulated frame that represents a strong commitment to a particular theory about or stance toward the phenomenon being studied. In the chapters in this book, the commitment is to a theory of learning, constructivism, that is being extended, in part, through research, to considerations of teaching and teacher education practices. One could say that all research is conducted within a specific theoretical frame such as constructivism. However, for a number of years in the study of teaching, the lens being used was not well articulated. In many cases, it was neither acknowledged nor always known or understood as a frame or lens. What is different and helpful about the approach to research in this volume is that the constructivist frame is both acknowledged and communicated.