chapter  16
Rethinking Admission and Placement in an Era of New K–12 Standards
WithK–12 Standards Michael W.Kirst
Pages 28

Education standards have swept across the United States, engulfing almost every state. Forty-six states have created K-12 academic content standards in most academic subjects, and all but Iowa have required statewide K-12 student achievement tests. There is progress in clarifying what students must be able to know and to do in the K-12 grades, and how to align standards, assessments, textbook selection, and accountability measures at the K-12 level. A gaping hole in this state reform strategy, however, is the lack of coherence in content and assessment standards between higher education and K-12. No state included higher education institutions as an integral part of its K-12 standards deliberations. Higher education faculty participated as individuals, but not as representatives of higher education systems or public institutions.