chapter  4
Broadening Criteria of College Success and the Impact of Cognitive Predictors
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What does it mean to be successful in college? Is college success the same for each institution? Do academic departments within the same institution define success differently? Do individual students and their parents have similar or differing views of what constitutes college success? This book explores a range of additional predictors that might supplement the traditional measures used in admissions today-the SAT or ACT, high school grades, college application, student statement and/or essay, and letters of recommendation. Each year, college administrators, faculty, the media, and policymakers lament the fact that the admissions process places so much emphasis, both perceived and real, on so few measures. The authors of many of the following chapters describe past and future research on additional predictors that might offer some utility in college admissions, whether that utility is viewed as incremental validity (or predictive accuracy), increased diversity, identification of special talents, or the broadening of the factors considered in making such important decisions.