chapter  4
English Language Teaching in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR): A Continuous Challenge
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This chapter provided an explication and analysis of the English language teaching situation in Lebanon. It presented a historical overview of the introduction and expansion of EFL in Lebanese educational system, examined the structure and organization of the new English language curriculum, development as an English language teacher, teacher trainer, and curriculum designer. It showed that the English language profession in Lebanon is under tremendous pressure to meet the increasing demands for English, both quantitative and qualitative, in the age of globalization and international communication. The strength of the country depends on the strength of its tourism, financial services, and trade. These three bases of the Lebanese economy will be greatly enhanced if the Lebanese work force commands a high level of proficiency in English. The Lebanese government and the Lebanese population know this, in time, this knowledge will bring about a major reevaluation and reorganization of the various elements of the EFL teaching situation in the country.