chapter  9
English Language Teaching in Japan
ByMasaki Oda, Tomoko Takada
Pages 10

English language education in Turkey has been a widely discussed issue at the national level. The discussion has focused on increasing the opportunities for learning English and raising the quality of English language education. Yet, there has always existed a big gap between the ideal language policy and actual classroom practices. With the recent reform, which aims to restructure the language programs to offer a quality education for the young generation, Turkey is facing new challenges in its English language education. This chapter has illustrated ELT teaching in Turkey by describing the history of ELT teaching and the structure of the English curriculum, by providing a history of the professional development of an English teacher. ELT teaching in Turkey has increasingly been a real challenge. Through its recent education policy, the nation has made a firm commitment to empowering the ELT profession in Turkey so that English language educators can cope more effectively with many of the challenges awaiting them.