chapter  1
The English Language in Brazil—A Boon or a Bane?
ByKanavillil Rajagopalan, Cristina Rajagopalan
Pages 10

This chapter discusses English teaching in Indonesia and covers three main issues, including the historical development of the teaching of English, structure of English curriculum, and developing a career as an English teacher. English has been described as the first foreign language in Indonesia and it is officially taught to students in the secondary schools. The history of English teaching in Indonesia is actually traceable to the early when modern schooling was first introduced. Efforts to improve its teaching have been made since the arrival of Indonesian independence; these efforts have included the standardizations of the curriculum carried out. It advocates a teaching approach called the Meaningfulness Approach. However, an evaluation of teaching to date indicates that it is not yet successful. This fact stands as a great challenge for everyone dealing with ELT in Indonesia. For this reason, effort to improve the quality of English teaching is highly appreciated, in particular the improvement of the professionalism of English teachers.