chapter  20
Speech Motor Subprocesses in DAS Studied with a Bite-Block
WithLian Nijland, Ben Maassen, Sjoeke van der Meulen
Pages 10

In earlier studies we tried to find evidence of a deviance in planning or in motor programming of speech (Nijland, Maassen & Van der Meulen, 1999a; Nijland, Maassen, Van der Meulen & Bellaar 1999b; Nijland et al., submitted). Results of these studies showed that both planning and programming were disturbed in DAS. Evidence suggesting deviant phonetic planning was found in a study in which we manipulated the place of syllable boundary in an otherwise unchanging context. The absence of systematic durational patterns in the speech of children with DAS was interpreted as a problem in phonetic planning. However, it remained unclear whether the primary problem was on a segmental or prosodic level. The main evidence suggesting a programming problem lay in the inconsistency of repeated utterances. Because the issue of planning versus programming remained unresolved, with the suggestion of involvement of both, we are investigating the stages of speech production from programming to execution, with a view to unraveling whether the deviance lies with planning or with programming.