chapter  32
Intelligibility and Acceptability in Speakers with Cleft Palate
WithCleft Palate Tara Whitehill, Joyce C. Chun
Pages 12

Speech disorders associated with cleft palate include disorders of resonance, such as hypernasality, as well as disorders of articulation or phonology (Bzoch, 1997; McWilliams, Morris & Shelton, 1990). Such problems may result in reduced speech intelligibility, reduced speech acceptability, or both. Witzel (1995) defined speech intelligibility as “how well a listener understands [speech]” and acceptability as “...the subjective impression of the pleasingness of speech” (p. 147). It is important to differentiate between reduced intelligibility and reduced acceptability, both theoretically and because they may have different management implications. A determination of the components contributing to reduced speech intelligibility and acceptability may increase our understanding of cleft palate speech, and serve to guide intervention.