chapter  36
Acoustic Characteristics of the Voice in Young Adult Smokers
WithShaheen N. Awan, Catherine L. Knych
Pages 10

Despite current knowledge about the detrimental effects of cigarette smoking, there continues to be a substantial population of smokers throughout the world. As an example, an estimated one-quarter of the adult population in the United States smokes cigarettes (Nelson, Kirkendall & Lawton, 1996). Cigarette smoking is a habit common to men and women alike, however, the gap historically observed between male and female smokers has significantly decreased (Shopland, Hartman, Gibson, Mueller, Kessler & Lynn, 1994). Furthermore, data have been reported which indicate that smoking rates for women working in whitecollar occupations now exceed those of their whitecollar male counterparts (Shopland et al., 1994). In addition, cigarette smoking is not a habit exclusive to adults. Most smokers began smoking as teenagers. In the United States, 82% began smoking before age 18, and despite widespread efforts to educate this group, the prevalence of cigarette smoking among teenagers has been on the rise since 1992 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1994; 1996).