chapter  8
The RARE Technique: The Renaissance of the Aging Face and Neck
ByThierry Besins
Pages 20

The aging process of the face depends on three main factors: muscular contractures, loss of volume of each tissue layer, and gravity. The concept of this ‘‘Renaissance’’ technique is to act on these different factors, and to produce the least surgical damage possible. The ‘‘fixed areas of the face’’ have been well studied (1). The stronger attachments, as evidenced during extended dissection of the face, are the zygomaticomasseteric and the mandibular ligaments, the so-called Furnas’ ligaments (1), (Fig. 1). Therefore, the logical question becomes: Are we allowed to destroy those natural fixations during surgery, and, if we do so, is the sliding process instead possibly increased later on? This could account for the short-lasting results occasionally observed with some classical face-lift procedures.