Die Singulation
ByKenneth D. Mackenzie, David G. Lishan, Gordon M. Grivna, Jason M. Doub
Pages 16

In this entry, a new plasma-based die singulation solution, plasma dicing on tape (PDOT) is described to address the upcoming challenges with thin and ultrathin silicon (Si) wafers driven by the semiconductor manufacturing industry to serve end users’ demand for more functionality in smaller form factors. Besides being an enabling technology for this important transition to very thin wafers, it is also shown that this solution leads to a significant gain in productivity. PDOT provides reduced process times, an opportunity to narrow streets and increase available wafer area for device utilization, and additional benefits such as increased yield, die strength, and the potential of nonorthogonal die. This technology will be compared to the industry standard singulation technologies of saws and lasers used for wafer dicing. Implementation aspects of this new technology in regard to process flow and paths to adoption are also discussed.