DC Plasma: Powder Metallurgy
ByRodrigo Perito Cardoso, Henrique Cezar Pavanati, Aloisio Nelmo Klein, Silvio Francisco Brunatto
Pages 11

Powder metallurgy (PM) is an interesting processing technique for large-scale parts production. Different steps of the PM parts production can take advantage of the physico-chemical environment created in a direct current (DC) plasma reactor, usually enabling to obtain particular properties or reduction of processing time and/or temperature. Not of lesser importance is the fact that plasma processes are recognized as being environmental friendly, and so, in agreement with the more and more restrictive environmental regulations. These features make these processes very competitive considering the needs of treatment quality, process performance, and reduction of environmental impacts. In this context, the application of DC plasma on the PM parts production is important both from the technical and environmental point of view. Considering such potentialities, this entry aims to shortly introduce the reader to: 1) PM; 2) the main physico-chemical aspects of the DC plasma applied to PM parts processing; and 3) review the literature on the main applications of DC plasma regarding PM parts processing (thermochemical treatments, sintering, and debinding). Plasmas-assisted coating technologies, as physical and chemical vapor deposition, can also be applied on PM parts, but they will not be treated in this entry.