chapter  Chapter 8
Phylogeny and Ontogeny of Display Behavior
WithMichele A. Johnson, Ellee G. Cook, Bonnie K. Kircher
Pages 29

This chapter examines patterns of lizard display at multiple phylogenetic scales to explore their evolution and development. It considers “displays” to include any behaviors, of any duration, that serve to communicate a message to conspecific or heterospecific individuals. The chapter focuses on the evolution and development of visual displays. It also examines the distribution of display behaviors across lizard families, measuring phylogenetic signal in visual displays and vocal displays, and testing for correlated evolution among these traits. The chapter reviews studies of the evolution and ontogeny of lizard displays that reveal dramatic variation in the behaviors and morphological structures with which lizards communicate, and demonstrate the importance of the phylogenetic patterns and ecological opportunities that influence this diversity. It explores the display behavior of four relatively well-studied groups of lizards—Anolis, Sceloporus, Podarcis, and geckos—in order to highlight both diversity and similarity in display behavior, and communication in general, across the lizard phylogeny.