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The waqf is a legal mechanism, recognised and developed in Islam for more than 1,000 years. It permits 'an owner to settle' her 'property to the use of beneficiaries in perpetuity' and becomes 'waqfupon a declaration by its owner (the waqif) permanently reserving its income for a specific purpose.iUltimately, all awqaf (plural) must be dedicated to charity, but this purpose need not be immediate. There are two forms of waqf: first, the family endowment, where the property, that is, its usufruct or income, is held for the family of the waqif,4 until the extinction of her descendants, whereupon it is diverted to a charitable purpose, which is a waqf ahli or waqf dhurri; or, secondly, the charitable endowment, which involves the permanent dedication of the property to a charitable purposes, known as waqfkhiliri.5