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Procedure for committal applications

Where the application is made in existing proceedings, that is, to enforce an interim injunction, it should be made in accordance with Part 2340 (RSC, PD 52, para 2.2 and CCR Ord 29 r 1(4)). If the application is made to enforce a final injunction, it must be commenced by issue of a Part 8 claim form41 (RSC, PD 52, para 2.1 and CCR Ord 29 r 1(4)). The application form or Part 8 claim form must set out in full the grounds on which the application is made, identify separately and numerically each alleged act of contempt and be served personally on the respondent (PD 52, paras 2.5, 2.6 and CCR Ord 29 r 1(4A)).