chapter  13
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In re S (Hospital Patient: Court’s Jurisdiction) [1995] 3 WLR 78 Court of Appeal

Sir Thomas Bingham MR:… This appeal concerns a gentleman named S. S is a Norwegian citizen, aged 76, and a man of considerable wealth. While in England in September 1993, he suffered a severe and disabling stroke. Underlying the present appeal is a substantial question: whether the best interests of S are served by his returning to Norway, to be cared for in a nursing home outside Oslo, or by his remaining in England, either at the private hospital in which he is now a patient or at some other suitable place. The first of these courses is strongly favoured by S’s wife and only son, the second and first defendants in these proceedings. The second course is strongly favoured by the plaintiff, a woman whose companionship and support S enjoyed in the years before his stroke. S himself is third defendant in the proceedings, represented by the Official Solicitor.