chapter  2
Why is it that many English contract textbooks do not have a chapter devoted to interpretation of contracts? 3 Do the rules applicable to statutory interpretation in English law apply equally to the interpretation of written contracts? 4 Is there a significant difference between the French and English approaches towards interpretation of contracts? If there was a difference, is English law now moving closer to French law?
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L Schuler AG v Wickman Machine Tool Sales Ltd [1974] AC 235 House of Lords

This was a dispute as to whether Schuler, a German company, was entitled to repudiate a contract for breach of a term of the written contract, described as a ‘condition’, whereby a certain number of visits would be made by employees of Wickman, an English company, to clients in respect of promoting Schuler’s products. Most of the visits were made by Wickman but, on a few occasions, they failed to make the required number of visits stipulated for in the contract. The arbitrator held that Schuler was not entitled to repudiate or terminate the contract and a majority of the House of Lords confirmed this decision.