chapter  2
If bailees have to expend money to protect, or upkeep, the bailor’s goods, can this expenditure be recovered by the bailees as a debt from the bailors? (Cf The Winson [1982] AC 939.) 3 P, at considerable expense, patches up the roof of D’s house after it has been badly damaged in a gale. Assuming that D has gone away without leaving an address or telephone number with P, his neighbour, and assuming also that, if P had not acted, D’s house and contents would have been badly damaged by rain, can P recover his expense from D? 4 Was Lord Wright ahead of his time?
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Friends’ Provident Life Office v Hillier Parker May and Rowden [1997] QB 85 Court of Appeal

(See p 620.)

Downs v Chappell [1997] 1 WLR 426 Court of Appeal

This was an action for damages brought by the purchaser of a bookshop business in deceit against the seller and in negligence against a firm of accountants who had verified false figures provided by the seller. The trial judge gave judgment for the defendants on the basis that the plaintiff had suffered no loss, but this decision was reversed by the Court of Appeal. Both defendants were held to have caused the plaintiff substantial loss.