Questions 1 What is meant by a ‘rehearing’? 2 Can the Court of Appeal hear witnesses? If so, could the appeal judges question these witnesses in any depth? (Cf Practice Direction (Court of Appeal (Civil Division)) [1999] 1 WLR 1027.) 3 What is the role of the Court of Appeal in English law? (Cf Practice Direction, above.) 4 Can appeal judges decide cases on points of law not raised by the parties? What if they feel that a plaintiff has pleaded a case in the wrong sort of way? (Cf Esso v Southport, p 216 and CTN Cash and Carry v Gallaher, p 504.)
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Lord Diplock:… I do desire, however, to comment upon the use sought to be made both in this House and in the Court of Appeal of previous judgments of that court which do not appear in any series of published law reports. This is a growing practice and one which, in my view, ought to be discouraged.