with only from the angle of potential subjects of the law of property (Halpérin, Histoire du droit privé français depuis 1804, 1996, PUF, p 25). Equally, the law of things was, and arguably remains (in some systems at least), wedded to the law of actions. Moreover, the varying structural patterns of these interrelationships are the key to the different comparative models.
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Knox J:… The point that arises is brought about by a singularly sad story of the events that had occurred. Mrs Campbell suffered very serious injuries as a result of a criminal assault some considerable time ago, long before the bankruptcy. She made an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for an award to be made to her. That was equally a very long time before she was made bankrupt. The indications are that the attack on her was in 1984 and her application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board was in 1985-the precise dates do not matter…

The question which has been argued before me is whether the entitlement of Mrs Campbell to the award that ultimately was made in her favour in September 1992 was or represented something which was vested in the trustee in bankruptcy when she was made bankrupt.